eyecandy: Cat bowl

September 22, 2011

My kitty is sick. Maybe she would eat out of this bowl?

via veetje.be

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in the house: Easy Breezy Dining

August 25, 2011

From top to bottom: via Elle Decor June 2011, www.emmas.blogg.se, www.inhometrend.com, www.richardpowers.co.uk, www.smallplacestyle.blogspot.com

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in the house: Byron Bay

July 28, 2011

Summer feels like it’s almost here – minus a few degrees. Anybody been to Byron Bay, Australia? In my mind’s eye, it’s perpetual summer. This house for sale in Byron Bay has the inside/outside, light/bright, modern/lush appeal that’s perfect for a summer’s day.

More info here www.realestate.com.au

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in the house: Midwest Windows

June 7, 2011

When looking at houses, one of my most frequent comments is, “where are the windows??”. This home featured on Dwell’s website does not have that problem. Relying on local materials and local craftspeople, this home takes simplicity and function to a refreshing level. I love how the slabs of limestone for the house’s front steps were rested on a layer of ice cubes, creating just enough clearance for the nylon straps to be pulled free. The slabs settled into place as the ice melted.

More here.

via www.dwell.com

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in the house: Gandia Blasco

April 19, 2011

Outdoor furniture designer Gandia Blasco can stop by my place with a little present any old time. Check out the last image here – perfect for west coast weather. When the sun comes out, sometimes I wish I can a greenhouse to sit in. They call it a Cristal Box , an outdoor pergola system made of anodized or thermo-lacquered aluminium profiles. The inside flooring is technical wood made using plant and plastic fibres – requiring little or no maintenance.

via www.gandiablasco.com

via www.gandiablasco.com

via www.gandiablasco.com

via www.gandiablasco.com

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in the house: Wood in the WC

March 31, 2011

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in the house: Home Office

February 10, 2011

If you have to work, work at home. If you’re at home, it might as well be pretty.

via www.lonnymag

via www.lonnymag

via www.smallplacestyle.blogspot.com


via www.designismine.blogspot.com

via www.design-muse.blogspot.com

via www.design-muse.blogspot.com

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locals only: Shopping Fort Street

December 22, 2010

The streets are full of busy shoppers and people rushing to complete holiday errands. Fort Street is a great spot to find parking, get away from the crowds and get some fresh air.

Check out Relish Home Furnishings near the corner of Fort and Cook for gorgeous ornaments, or perhaps a unique pillow or vase or one of these lanterns will help round out your list.

Pop over to Charmaines Past and Present for an antique toy or teacup. Enjoy poking through history and make sure to pat the golden retriever on your way out.

Not Just Pretty for modern organic clothing or their line of organic skin and hair products by John Masters Organics – organic and Canadian!

Moving closer to town, Island Blue Print is a great place for inspiration. In addition to art supplies, they carry a nice selection of journals and daytimers for creative types. Love their decorative papers and pen selection!

Great hostess gifts can be found at Plenty and Choux Choux Charcouterie. At Choux Choux Charcuterie find housemade pates, sausages and smoked and cured meats. Pick up a cheese platter for your party or some imported food as a luxurious gift for the foodie on your list. Plenty Epicurean Pantry has a wild array of packaged food items and a fabulous wall of spices.

You’ve worked hard. Round it all out with a grilled cheese and a sweet from the Dutch Bakery. I recommend the piping hot soup and the mocha points.

Happy rushing.

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in the house: Marie Claire Maison

December 8, 2010

via www.marieclairemaison.com

Reinvented and renovated, this church was transformed into cozy, chic and serene abode by architect Perry Harrison-Hyde. Who knows what stories this church has to tell, but it was given a second chance with the marriage of contemporary architecture and history. Love that painting and check out the window screen separating kitchen from dining.

via www.marieclairemaison.com

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newsflash: 2011 Calendars Are Out!

December 3, 2010

The 2011 Calendars are here! 12 months of ocean views from around the world in a modern, subtle format. Use the space below each month to add special dates. The cover sheet can be cut and used as a new year greeting postcard.

Order online or email me info@bethcampbellcreative.com.

2011 Calendar, 12 months of ocean views

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in the house: Anna White

November 29, 2010

For all you DIY’ers about there – take a look at Anna White’s website full of free project plans and galleries. Shopping lists, cutting lists and videos included.

This little table is a simple project, elevated by function and funky colour.

Sometimes the most straight forward plans can be the most successful. Have a look at this high chair and this chair.

Send me photos of your latest DIY projects!

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in the house: San Juan Special

November 12, 2010

Exceptionally modern, inquisitively rustic.

via www.nytimes.com

Designed by Tom Kundig, of the Seattle firm Olson Kundig Architects.
15-acre site in the San Juan Islands off Washington State
2,200-square-foot box with a sod roof and tall steel-framed windows
Master bathroom sink water runs through a series of small bowls that were cut into the rock and polished smooth
The living-dining room is a mixture of simple upholstered furniture, antiques and the contemporary art

More details here.

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in the house: Umbra Key Holder

November 8, 2010

via Umbra

This time of year calls for an injection of good design into your life. This wall mounted magnetic key panel and curved letter holder from Umbra has 3 of my favorite elements – nature, minimalism, functionality. It stood up to the heinous-amount-of-keys-on-one-ring test AND it’s only $12.95. Spotted at Paboom, Victoria. What are you doing to jazz up a few November nooks and crannies?

Coming this week – decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake recipe, how to clean your digital camera and a Pacific Northwest architectural masterpiece.

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in the house: Pumpkin Orange

October 29, 2010

Stay tuned for East Meets West Pumpkin Seed Recipe this afternoon!

via remodelista.com

via marthastewart.com

via vickihorton7.wordpress.com

via dwell.com

via decorpad.com

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in the house: Cat Hideaways

September 30, 2010

DIY from www.designsponge.com

Let’s re-think this for a second. Cats like privacy. People don’t like litter boxes. Combine a Besta shelf and Besta Holmbo door, cut a hole in the middle vertical panel, to allow cats to climb into their hidden bathroom. These owners added contact paper to protect the shelves’ particle boards, but the whole project won’t take much more time than your standard IKEA assembly.

via www.ikeahacker.blogspot.com

I can see making a wooden box, sinking in a planter about half way and adding a hinged door with a hole facing the wall. Or how about this classy white and black kitty with his ModKat?

left via www.petsbestproducts.com | right via www.modkat.com

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in the house: Rue Online Magazine

September 22, 2010


For all those Lonny Magazine fans out there, say hello to their new competition, Rue Magazine. Launched last week, this online bi-monthly will cover home decor and lifestyle topics from a wide range of cities. This issue includes features from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and New York.

This issue also has a FREE download from Mae Mae Paperie. Click here.

Free download fro Mae Mae Paperie

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portfolio: Boulevard Home & Design Annual

September 14, 2010

As projects go, this one is a designer’s dream. Imagery of gorgeous home design and inspirational text are currently coming together for the first Boulevard Home and Design Annual. Boulevard Magazine has a long standing reputation for “capturing the personality, culture and vitality that is Victoria by focusing on the Arts, People, Trends, Food, Architecture and Design.”

The hard cover book is coming together as 100 pages of smart advice and exciting looks from Victoria’s top home industry experts. A unique local perspective for all things home. Equally as exciting is the Boulevard Home Contest:

WHO: A lucky Boulevard Home reader

WHAT: $20,000 spending spree at one or more Boulevard Home advertising clients, courtesy of Boulevard Lifestyles Inc.

WHEN: Draw January, 2011

HOW: Enter by purchasing your copy of Boulevard Home (one entry per book) or drop by their offices at 1845B Fort Street, Victoria to enter in person.

Click here to enter. Pick up the latest copy of the magazine or read online to find out more. Pre-order your copy here.

Boulevard Home & Design Annual coming SOON!

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in the house: Let’s Go Outside!

July 12, 2010

The weather has finally perked up – although we seem to have some 30knot winds at the moment…

Now is the time to think about maxing out on fresh air.

Top to bottom: from www.emmas.blogg.se, www.lonnymag.com, www.richardpowers.co.uk, www.bartmichiels.com

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in the house: Key West Pool House

June 22, 2010

What I wouldn’t do to be a guest at this pool house designed by up and coming designer Todd Richesin featured in June’s edition of Traditional Home.

via toddrichesininteriors.com

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eye candy: June issue Food & Wine

June 7, 2010

from www.foodandwine.com (L) / from www.trinaturk.com (R)

On the plane back from Alabama, I had a thorough look at Food & Wine’s June issue. I was so impressed that I promptly dropped off my subscription request at the Denver airport. Here’s a roundup of a few highlights:

Chinese Coleslaw
Pretzel Crusted Crab Cakes
Ginger Marinated Bulgogi Style Chicken – Tried this last night, recommended.
Thai Turkey Burger
Fat Tray from Alessi
Dry Fly Distilling, a craft distillery in Spokane, Washington.
Trina Turk cocktail napkins
Bodum picnic charcoal grill
www.33beers.com Beer Journal
V Lounge, Waikiki – pastry chef from Nobu has opened his own pizza joint.
The Ranch House, Honolulu – local favorites
Table One Halekulani, Waikiki – personally designed menus by Chef Garg
La Cantine Merci, Paris – fashion, a used-book cafĂ©, a haberdashery and a flower shop with a communal table.

I know it’s Food and WINE and there were some good recommendations in this issue. I didn’t have much luck finding them at the BC Liquor Store. Supposedly we should be on the lookout for 2009 South African Chenin Blancs or Sauvignon Blancs.

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in the house: New Custom Cushions

June 4, 2010

A little bit beachy, a little bit elegant. Fresh and summery with the new white walls.

pillow design

Fabric: Chinz & Co., Design & Fabrication: BCC's Mum

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in the house: Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright & Patkau Architects

June 1, 2010
patkau architects vancouver bc

from www.patkau.ca

Exciting news for our Vancouver neighbours at Patkau Architects. It was announced last week that Patkau‘s winning designs for collection of cottages to accompany Frank Lloyd Wright‘s historic Fallingwater will become a reality.

Six small, on-site residences will snuggle right in next to the iconic Fallingwater, which caused a stir when it was featured on the cover of Time Magazine in 1938.

Imagine living on top of a 30′ waterfall?

Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

from http://www.fallingwater.org/

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it’s graphic: inkbloom

May 25, 2010

Fabric and vinyl art at HOME! Download inkbloom’s designs, recolour them or coordinate with your project, add text to personalize and print on your inkjet. Cotton fabrics and vinyl are also available from them online. I’m thinking product tags, business cards, personalized pillows…

inkbloom fabric

from www.inkbloom.com: tilly inkblock, purse from tilly fabric, product tags, scrabble pillow

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in the house: Richard Powers

May 13, 2010
print design victoria bc

from www.richardpowers.co.uk

Taken with these images from photographer Richard Powers. Powers is a self taught photographer, specializing in architecture and interiors. When asked what the most important thing is for good photography, he says, “balance is key – what and what not to include is as equally important as the shadows and highlights”. Loads more inspiration on his website.

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in the house: Gabriel Ross

May 4, 2010

from www.royalbotania.com and www.blomus.com

Ready for summer whenever you are, Mother Nature. I’ve been eyeing up this lounger and these floating torches, both available at Gabriel Ross in Victoria. Working on the pool deck part.

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