on the road: Scottsdale AZ

August 2, 2011

It was a quick trip back in May. A chance to visit friends and see what goes on in the laid back centre of Scottsdale.

Scottsdale… where the doorman has a sign taped to his table “No firearms allowed”.
Scottsdale… where having the tagline, “Day-drinking reinvented”, is ok.
Scottsdale… where “pool party” means 100 strangers, Patron on ice and free cover for the ladies.
Scottsdale… where bad tan lines and super hero costumes go hand in hand.

If you go:
The Mission: Modern Latin Cuisine
Le Grand Orange Grocery: for brunch and gifts, I wanted one of everything.
Spanish Fly: Mexican Beach Club – prepare to stare
Hotel Valley Ho: for the pool party
The Coach House: Scottsdale’s oldest tavern, good company and cheap beer.
Mabels on Main: chiq cocktails
Kazimeirz World Wine Bar: real jazz, great wine

from top to bottom: The Coach House, painting class at the Academy of Art, happenings at The Valley Ho Hotel, pool party at the Spanish Fly, biking along the Arizona Canal from Scottsdale to Phoenix

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on the road: China Beach BC

March 17, 2011

via iPhone | cheese & chowder

Ok, so it’s not exactly “on the road”, but if you’re feeling cagey, a day trip up Sooke way can set your mind at ease. This time of year, it’s fresh and green… and quiet. While the 1.5km walk down to the water may be a bit more fun if you’re exploring from your campsite on a hot summer day, there’s nothing like the sound of crashing waves any time of year. A stop at Mom’s Cafe is customary. Giant grilled cheese with house made chowder anyone? We conducted a couple circles looking for a new spot but ended up back where the pie is high and mayo runs heavy.

China Beach in March

China Beach trail

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on the road: Encinitas CA

February 11, 2011

Surf at your doorstep, cruiser bikes, crashing waves… there’s a good vibe in Encinitas California where the winter means walks on the beach in your shorts, picnics and happy hour. It’s a half hour north of San Diego off Hwy 101. My visit was short, but sweet, literally. A stroll to the Leucadia Donut Shoppe makes for a cheap and easy thrill, a toddle around the Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens is worth it for the view and a quiet place to rest. Don’t forget the Pizza Port where delicious pizza and craft brews meet video games and lively music. Here’s to winter weekends.

cliffs at encinitas


private wave

Just Peachy Market | Boogie Board Dreamin


Leucadia Donut Shoppe

sunset in january

Tried the California Condo Cocktail yet?

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on the road: Manzanillo Mexico

December 13, 2010

The rain is falling, the skies are grey and it seems everyone is talking about getting out of town. I’m relying on a few photos from the archives to get me through. Tesoro Resort in Manzanillo… Mexico’s busiest port and where the movie 10 starring Bo Derek and Dudley Moore was shot.

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on the road: Poet’s Cove Resort & Spa

October 28, 2010

Nestled in at Bedwell Habour on Pender Island, Poet’s Cove Resort & Spa is a must-do any time of year. Their newly updated website has a gallery, live webcam (a little sleepy in the marina today!) and links to current specials – how does $99 midweek sound? The self-contained cottages each have their own hot tub, the villas are spacious and great for groups, and the lodge rooms have fabulous views. Here you’ll find Syrens Bistro, Aurora Restaurant, Susurrus Day Spa complete with a sandstone steam cave beneath a waterfall and an ocean-view hot tub, banquet rooms, 2 pools, a cafe and liquor store.

The best way to visit is by boat at their 110 slip marina. If you can’t swing the yacht, take a trip with Beth Campbell Creative client, Gulf Island Ocean Adventures. SCUBA, disc golf, winery tours, wildlife viewing, boating instruction…. you name it, they do it.

Poet's Cove Resort from the marina

Looking out from Bedwell Habour

Nautical interior of the main building, stairs to front lobby

Pool and hot tub with a view

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on the road: Savary Island BC

September 16, 2010

White sand, blue water, cabin life. The regulars would rather you not know. Get there via the Powell River ferry from Comox, drive to Lund and catch a water taxi. I’d say go, but then I might not get invited back. It’s a place where you go to clarify your thoughts or muddle them up. It’s about the people, the place and links to the past.

graphic designer victoria bc

BCC: beach panorama

BCC: cabin in the woods

BCC: beach front cabin

BCC: beach front micro cabin

BCC: island ride

BCC: powell river

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on the road: Kopachuck State Park

September 1, 2010

When September is looking you straight in the eye, it’s time to take a last minute camping trip. Kopachuck State Park was a random choice – I think I heard something good about Gig Harbor once? It’s about a leisurely 3 hour drive from Port Angeles. A lunch stop in Port Townsend was worth it for the pizza and architecture. Kopachuck is about 15 mins outside of Gig Harbor, Washington where the view downhill of a long harbor filled with boats and Mt. Rainier climbing from the edge of the sea makes for exciting arrival. Gig Harbor is a serene place with a history in boat building and commercial fishing. Today there are farmers markets, docks to wander, a decent choice of restaurants, shops geared towards boaters and 10 mins outside of town…. Target. Kopachuck is winner of a campsite, private and quiet, with a boat launch and a beach where the water is warm enough for swimming. Perfect place to recharge your creativity.

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on the road: Hotwire in Vancouver

July 5, 2010

This was my first spin at Hotwire. They offer hotels, airfare and car rentals at sell-off prices from various partners. The catch is you’re not made aware of the details (hotel name) before you book and pay other than the general location and star rating. We reserved a room while on the ferry over to Vancouver. They were able to tell us over the phone what hotel we were booking so the thrill was gone but at least I knew where we were headed before I handed over the plastic. The rate was 50% off the advertised nightly rate on the hotel’s website. The Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver is in a great location across from the Four Seasons and the mall. Comforting features of a older hotel with spacious bathrooms, built in cabinetry, contemporary updates and brass adorned elevators encourage me to define this lady as “eclectic European”.

Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver lobby & restaurant - Diva at the Met

guest room at the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver

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on the road: Summer Glamping

June 21, 2010

Happy first day of SUMMER! Time to start making your to-do list. Ready when you are Mother Nature. Glamping (glamorous camping) is on mine.

from www.thegak.com, near Hope in Treasure Mountain

from www.soulecreeklodge.com, Port Renfrew BC

from www.outathewoods.com, near Cranbrook BC

from www.sakinawlakelodge.com, Pender Harbour BC

from www.rockwatersecretcoveresort.com, Halfmoon Bay BC

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on the road: Huntsville AL

June 9, 2010

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on the road: Happy Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2010

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on the road: Vancouver, The Re-Cap

April 9, 2010

spotted in vancouver bc

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was staying at the Woodwards development on the cusp of Vancouver’s East Side. Built on the spot of a former department store, the new building includes a mix of housing, the SFU Contemporary Arts Campus and a community media arts space. In the handy plaza beneath is a London Drugs, Nester’s Market and coffee shop. A gastro-pub and dentist’s office are under construction. You can live, sleep, go to the gym on the 42nd floor, see a play and get groceries all in one swoop.

The photo mural by Stan Douglas (his first public piece *exciting* studied him in university) is a reconstruction of the 1971 Gastown Riots, also known as The Battle of Maple Tree Square. To recreate the scene, Douglas mined public archives, newspapers, and videotape. He interviewed merchants, residents, police, and protesters. Initially, he planned to shoot on location, but “it became so complicated and expensive, we thought, ‘We might as well just build the thing ourselves.’” So Douglas and his hundred-person crew constructed a set in the parking lot of the Pacific National Exhibition, laying down blacktop and weathering the building facades. Fixated on historical accuracy, the artist tracked down the window dresser of the corner sporting goods store, crafted riot sticks, and littered his streets with replicas of the day’s Vancouver Sun. To get the “right period faces,” he cast actors, eventually using eighty. He blocked out the action with three-dimensional models, and wrote nine scenes for the cast to mime.

The shoot itself took three nights, two with the actors, and one with just the set. Douglas required so much illumination to get the proper, crisp focus that he used seven generators to power the lights, transforming the Vancouver night into day. Keeping his camera lens motionless throughout, he captured about fifty different views of the riot, later layering the digital elements into a coherent composition. In advance of the installation, he is printing the photograph on ten-millimetre-thick panels of glass, with the reverse image on the back. Technicians will fuse the layers, leaving the artist with what amounts to a massive piece of coloured windshield glass. Stretching eight by thirteen metres, it will form the dividing wall between a public plaza and an atrium linking the development’s four buildings. (from
Walrus Magazine).

Art and community efforts have come together to offer multiple services for community development, arts and education. It’s a controversial space, but invigorating nonetheless.

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on the road: Food Hawaiian Style

March 30, 2010

I prefer my food to have a Hawaiian state of mind. Check back for this week’s flavour – Misoyaki Butterfish.
*gluttony disclaimer: photos are not from one visit

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on the road: Project Vancouver

March 22, 2010

view from the condo - the old Woodwards W

I’ve been working on a project with Century Services in Vancouver for the past 2 weeks. I’m based at the new Woodwards building and have been taking in everything the neighbourhood has to offer – in daylight anyway. It’s an interesting development and is just nearing full completion.

Question. Elevator etiquette? Is it unusual to think eye contact and a smile is the norm? Or am I that annoying Eager-Elevator-Rider?

More to come on Vancouver…

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on the road: Shangri La

March 12, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I was basking in the sunshine on the lawn at Shangri La in Honolulu, home of Doris Duke. Built in 1937, Shangri La houses an impressive collection of Islamic art and is considered one of Hawaii’s most architecturally significant homes. Shangri La is open to the public for tours a few days a week, you need to schedule at least a week in advance. You can view the rooms (including some that are not part of the tour) and view the art collection on the website. Tours are reserved through the Honolulu Academy of Arts, worth a visit in its own right.

Unfortunately photography is not permitted inside, but I did take some photos of the grounds. It’s centered around an interior courtyard and is packed with artistic influences from around the world. Tile, wood, plaster, chenille drapery and a massive window that drops down into the floor. I think it’s safe to say that Doris Duke was eccentric, and ahead of her time. Duke was the only child of tobacco and electric energy tycoon James Buchanan Duke. Her father died in 1925 when Doris was twelve, leaving approximately half of his estate to The Duke Endowment with the remainder, estimated at $100 million, going to Doris. She married (for the first time) in 1935 and embarked on a year long honeymoon which ended in Hawaii. A 2 week stay turned into 3 months, they acquired property and built Shangri La from the ground up. Worth a visit, kudos to our guide, a wealth of information.

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on the road: Hawaii

March 9, 2010

More images from last week’s trip to Hawaii to come. Pseudo-Tsunamis, sandy beaches, clear water, Islamic art at Doris Duke’s Estate, and scads of food and design inspiration.

Honu in Hawaii

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on the road: Flavour Inspiration

March 2, 2010

A new recipe on the way… any guesses?

travel inspired recipe

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on the road: French Med

February 19, 2010

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on the road: Paris en Automne

February 3, 2010

A few shots from October. Check back for some fun free downloads with a french twist, and an on the road Parisienne style recipe!

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on the road: Weekend in Seattle

January 29, 2010

Purple Royal and Cockadoodle dress from www.anthropologie.com

It’s a great time of year to catch a hotel deal in Seattle. The Canadian dollar is strong, the wine is cheap and Nordstrom, Anthroplogie and J.Crew offer refuge in inclement weather.

Kenmore Air is the way to go this time of year when the Clipper times are unhelpful and there’s no time for ferries and I-5. There is a new spiffy streetcar that takes you from Union Bay right up Westlake Ave (past Whole Foods), a $2.25 pass lasts a couple hours.

Check out the unbeatable sandwiches and apple fritters at Pike Place Market’s Three Girls Bakery, the chowder at the seafood joint across from Three Girls and the coconut buns at Mee Sum Pastries.

Chosen for it’s tasting menu, Purple Cafe and Wine Bar on 4th was a pleasant surprise. It was packed so we sat at the bar and ordered one item at a time from the tasting menu. Each small plate is offered with an optional 3oz. wine pairing. Along with a full dinner menu and massive wine list, they have the most extensive collection of champagne cocktails I’ve ever seen – 16 in total.

Hotel Max has daily deals at the sushi bar and interesting decor. The dj in the lobby at the W Hotel is an entertaining stop after an evening at Purple. Stop in at Cafe Campagne for a croque madame and glass of bordeaux.

Watson Kennedy is full of goodies for the home, many of which I’ve read about or seen online but haven’t seen in Canada. Everything is sorted by vignette, based on colour or theme. Designer-dreamy.

The topic of last week’s contest was the Downtown Public Library on 4th. Near the SAM (Seattle Art Museum) if you want to have a peek. We have Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and former Seattleite Joshua Ramus to thank as principal designers on the project. An amazing 362,987 square feet, capacity for 1.45 million books and materials and a high-tech book-handling system that you can see in operation when you walk in. There are 400 computers and lots of GREEN. Too bad.

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it’s graphic: Colour Inspiration

January 21, 2010

Colour palette inspiration from a match made in heaven:
Single serving COPA Di Vino Charonnay
Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle

Copa Olive Palette

Copa Olive Palette

Check back for more inspiration from my recent jaunt to Seattle, Washington.

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a clue and haiku

January 20, 2010

near the water market
embraced in silence
soak in fine phrases

a clue

a clue

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on the road: Name That Photo

January 19, 2010

Where was this photo taken? If you know, comment here by clicking on the bubble top right above the post, or emailing me at info@bethcampbellcreative.com. First correct answer receives a free set of my Temperate and Tropical Greeting Cards!

Where are we now?

Where are we now?

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on the road: Paris Religion

January 6, 2010

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on the road: Saint-Jean-de-Luz

December 28, 2009
Harbour at Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Harbour at Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a fishing port on the Basque coast. Known for its architecture, sandy bay, amazing quality of light and the incredible cuisine. The streets are meant for strolling, packed with boutiques and cafes. I would imagine that Christmas in this town would be pretty spectacular.

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