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December 29, 2010

Atholl Brose

Royal Scots Fusiliers Recipe for Athol Brose

Athol Brose is a mixture of oatmeal brose, honey, Scotch whisky and Drambuie. Legend has it that the Duke of Athol overcame his enemies, during a Highland rebellion in 1745, by filling their well with this intoxicating mixture. Athol Brose is traditionally served in Scotland on New Year’s Eve to the first guests crossing the threshold of the host’s home, hence its other name, First Footing. Cream is an optional addition, particularly for festive occasions.

For 6:
9 oz. oatmeal brose
3 oz. heather honey
9 oz. Scotch whisky
3 oz. Drambuie
3 oz. light cream
Cheescloth for straining the brose

Prepare the brose by steeping one cup of oatmeal in three cups cold water and 3 oz. honey, then straining the liquid through cheesecloth. Mix the oatmeal, water and honey together thoroughly in a jug. Cover with a cloth and allow to sit at room temperature for 36 hours.
Mix the Scotch and Drambuie in well with a silver spoon and let rest for several hours. After letting it rest, this drink should be consumed in the one sitting. It is not recommended to keep any until the following day.

When ready to serve, add the cream. It is best served at room temperature. Drambuie is a liqueur compounded from Scotch whisky, heather honey and herbs by a secret formula belonging to the Mackinnon family near Edinburgh. The formula is said to been given to an early Mackinnon by Bonnie Prince Charlie as a reward for helping him escape to France. Drambuie is a corruption of the Gaelic, An Dram Buidbeach, meaning “the drink that satisfies”.

Happy New Year to All…. which will surely be the case after a few cups of Atholl.

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